Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thursday Comments

. Thursday, September 10, 2009

That 1035 high "prediction" looks ok if you like getting up at 1 AM or so to trade!! In any case, the market did indeed break-out as expected and trended higher in a reasonable fashion. The note (ZN) market was good to me today, but it was all SIM trades again as I'm still fighting with computers...The gold market looks like it wants to challenge 1025 and get every last laggard of a gold bug to buy at the top; its gonna hurt when they get their dick slammed in the door on that one!

I feel like I have gone NOWHERE and done nothing for 2 weeks...One computer issue after another...Very annoying...
I downloaded a new version of Ninja, cleaned up the instrument manager and a few other tweaks; so far this afternoon it's all working perfectly using the E signal data and IB as a back up. Fingers are crossed for tomorrow morning!

I ordered an external HD today as I want to back everything up and re format the HD. I need an end to the 3 minute boot up process (which feels like 3 hours!)

I am re reading Trading in the Zone...It all makes sense but a much tougher read than a couple others...

Hard to believe the week is gone already...