Sunday, August 23, 2009

morning ritual

. Sunday, August 23, 2009

I'm not terrible, just a little scattered in the mornings; so I see the need to write myself a little list/routine which I will have on this here journal...I will add to this a little at a time, but it shouldn't be a big challenge...All I know is nothing happens too fast around here at 4 30 AM!!

Visual of my morning

---turn on machines
---If I didn't make coffee first, I would perish!
---feed the pup,cats
---sounds funny, but wipe down the desk area...dusty as hell in here
---check trades from previous day
---order entry (dome ready)
---scan overnight markets
---ck E-mails
---by now 2 cups are in me--treadmill time...about 5 mins of as fast as I can go-sure as hell gets the blood moving ( I try this every 90 mins or so)
---make sure charts are set up and accurate
---wave count? pivots
---read trading notes from previous evening
---ck 10 yr Notes
---morning reading (blog list)
---by now its about 6 or 6 15
---open the room
---ck for TVGR at 6 30 dammit!
---and off we go