Tuesday, June 30, 2009

me time

. Tuesday, June 30, 2009

---as always, doing some more testing on other ideas...I swear daily charts are a pain in the ass to build something I can live with...When I find a combination that gives 65% winners with no worse than a 25% drawdown in the Wheat market, THAT will be the grail!! Of course I can always have a lower drawdown as long as my account is huge---position sizing, remember?

---visualizing taking my trades

---visualizing getting stopped out

---reading Dr. Brett...That Trading Coach book is pretty damn cool...I never spent much time with all this self coaching, but no stone goes unturned this time around. Become Your Own Trading Coach is the official name...If anyone ever does stumble over here go here...
I'm blasting through it at the moment, then I'll read it slower next time, then go chapter by chapter.

---The room keeps me amused at times, but I am turning it lower and lower...It's hard to believe a guy who trades for a living gets so excited when he gets a runner...maybe it's for the attendees...I have been through a couple of cycles of people (always some stalwarts) in the room and it's always interesting to measure whether or not they have a chance...rather judgemental of me since I haven't proved jack shit, but it is interesting! It's not the ignorance, but the TYPE of question that gives it away...lots of people still want it given to them-course they are hopeless...A few others are pretty sharp...some ask too many curiosity questions---most of which you can google---I think they might be OK, but need to focus...I would read all day if I could, but once the bell rings all that stuff goes out the window...Give me a signal!!

Which reminds me...I have learned something valuable there in the room...Bill LOVES to get a signal...Of course you need a signal to make money, but I often viewed it with trepidation...Learning good stuff...Signals are good!!