Monday, June 22, 2009

Nahh---It Couldn't Be

. Monday, June 22, 2009

It took a couple days to write this...makes me nervous...I am writing this very guardedly...I don't believe in miracles and I'm not comfortable being giddy...

high winning %---check
low drawdown---check
fairly active---check
system---nope (not programmable)
robust---check (so far)


Kinda funny really, after all these years, it's a couple of lines meeting another line? Bizarre...If it works, it's certainly one of life's little quirks!

In my testing, other than being a complete idiot, the biggest mistake you can make is NOT taking a trade. I find that rather ironic since pulling the trigger is my biggest weakness. As always, I tried to test under less than optimum circumstances and passed comfortably...Hell---if it's half as good as what it looks like, it is still tradeable, even for me. The super low drawdowns are so cool...I have seen some losses in chop, but very manageable and usually not more than 3 in a row...I'm looking for filters now...